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the issues

Our communities have endured generations of historical trauma, including forced displacement, cultural genocide, and institutional racism. This trauma has had a lasting impact on our social fabric, making it difficult for us to trust and form healthy relationships with one another due to historical experiences of betrayal and oppression. 
We understand that waking up and having a shift in consciousness isn't enough.
We are leading this movement by embracing the Flow of life and being aligned with the Tao, but we're not blind to the injustice and cruelty our most vulnerable beings are subjected to in our beautiful world.
We need resources. We need support. 
By partnering with influential figures, we aim to gather resources that will directly benefit families facing systemic challenges.


Image by Nadine Shaabana

emotional & physical abuse

At Families of Color Uprising in Solidarity, we are committed to supporting and uplifting women of color, who have endured emotional and physical abuse and have historically been dehumanized, unseen, and silenced. We recognize the pervasive illusion of separation and lack that has perpetuated a sense of isolation and self-doubt. We are here to change that narrative and help them reclaim their power and place in their communities and world.



The disproportionate incarceration rates within marginalized communities highlight systemic inequalities and injustices. We aim to dismantle the factors that contribute to this disparity, not by fighting a system that benefits from these inequalities but by shifting their mindset and then providing them with the resources to create a different outcome. 

Image by Hasan Almasi
Image by LaShawn Dobbs


the ones left behind

What happens to those kids who end up dropping out of school after years of being left behind and with few options for advancement? 

We are dedicated to serving and uplifting these individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. Our programs and initiatives focus on providing resources, support, and opportunities for those who have been historically underserved.


Substance Abuse:

When our "souls" feel suffocated, we seek ways to escape the pain. Some resort to shopping, others to distractions, others to drugs. What happens when we point individuals to the root cause of their pain? Our goal is to create a supportive and stigma-free environment that allows individuals to reflect on who they truly are versus whom they've been trying to silence.

Regardless of what the problem looks like, the answer is always the same. We, as humans, try to fix our "personas," not realizing who we really are needs no fixing.

Image by Noah Silliman
Image by Katie Harp


Economic Inequity:

People from our communities have been offered a menu with very limited options. Economic inequity is a pervasive issue affecting marginalized communities, creating barriers to financial stability and upward mobility. We strive to bridge this gap by providing different options and resources, financial literacy programs, and support for entrepreneurship. Our aim is to empower individuals to build sustainable livelihoods and break free from the cycle of poverty.



Can you imagine living in a world where you're not seen or heard, where you are dehumanized, and where your mere existence is viewed as a problem?  We understand the implications of feeling like a stranger in our own world. Through our in-house program aimed to shift their mindset and show them how to tap into their own innate wisdom and see who they are, we hope to end the vicious cycle of putting a bandaid on a problem that requires a different type of solution. By also offering resources for additional options, we aim to ensure that individuals have the mindset to advocate for themselves and secure a permanent place to live, drastically reducing the odds of facing homelessness in the future.

Image by Jon Tyson

Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and enjoy a free & dignified life.

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 We are here to answer any questions and provide further information about how you can get involved.

Let's work together to create meaningful change. 

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